Brief summary of Safety/Security/Facilitation meeting held on 15th Nov. 2018


  1. Use of VIP Lounge Facility
  2. Issuance of Generic Boarding Passes
  3. Security Awareness Training/Renewal of Passes 2019
  4. Company’s Authorised Signatories for Application of Security Passes
  5. Facilitation of Passengers on airside
  6. Reverse Screening


  1. Use of VIP Lounge Facility

KAA reminded operators that the VIP Lounge facility is only for specific individuals that qualify and are authorized for its use.  The facility is therefore only available for the VIP and immediate family members/  including the VIP’s Security.

Operators are also notified that they must accompany/escort  the said VIPs to the lounge.

Schedule operators who have VIP’s as passengers must write to KAA in advance requesting use of the facility for the VIP.

It was agreed that KAA will circulate a list of those authorized to use the lounge and also display guidelines on who is authorized to use the facility.


  1. Issuance of Generic Boarding Passes

KAA informed the operators that as notified earlier,  issuance of Generic Boarding Passes will cease on 30th November 2018 for all scheduled Commercial flights.  Thereafter all boarding passes must be personalized for each passenger.


  1. Security Awareness training/Renewal of passes 2019

KAA informed members that the training will be conducted soon at Wilson Airport.    The training is valid for two years and those applying for passes and are not up to date with the training must attend.

More details on the training will be passed to members as and when they are made available.


  1. Company’s Authorised Signatories for application of passes

All Operators are requested to avail to KAA Security information including specimen signature of accountable officers who are authorized to sign letters of  applications for issuance of security passes on behalf of the company/organisation.


  1. Facilitation of Passengers on airside

All Operators were  sensitized on having adequate ground crew to guide their passengers while boarding to avoid cases of passengers boarding the wrong aircraft as has been observed on several occasions.


  1. Reverse Screening

As you are aware this matter has been an agenda item in our Industry Affairs meetings.  We are happy to report that KAA is at an advanced stage of

establishing a process to separate arriving passengers from areas that pose  security threat and those from areas considered to pose no security threat.  This matter was deliberated on in today’s meeting and  suggestions given for consideration.  We will keep all members updated on the outcome.


  1. AOB
  2. i)             Ebola Alert

Port health advised operators that the country is on high alert and all flights from DRC must report to Port Health.


  1. ii)            Inspection of Ground Support Equipment

KAA will be carrying out the inspection from 12th to 14th December 2018

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